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 Free angular templates

1. Dashboard angularjs bootstrap template.

This template is an AngularJS implementation of the RDash admin dashboard. The dashboard uses a small number of modules to get you started, along with some handy directives and controllers to speed up development using the dashboard.

Check out the live example!

2. Versatile AngularJS Theme


Versatile theme is a Boilerplate for Animated AngularJS Starter Theme written with Bootstrap LESS. Powered by Gulp.

If you’re starting an AngularJS dashboard application then Versatile AngularJS Theme comes very handy. It uses Angular v1.3 and Bootstrap 3 which just makes it easy to use.

It supports all major browsers and has a fluent and subtle page transition animation.

Key Features

  • Bootstrap 3
  • AngularJS 1.3
  • Perfect for Admin and Dashboard apps
  • Subtle Page Transition
  • Enterprise AngularJS Starter Kit
  • Gulp as automation tool

3. SmartAdmin - Responsive - AngularJS


Features include:

  • Carefully hand coded from head to toe
  • Contains neatly organized and commended HTML, JS and LESS files (unminified CSS files available)
  • Built with bootstrap 3.3.x (contains LESS files for the Custom BS Build)
  • Retina Graphs and Icons
  • w3 valid cross browser compatible HTML5 markup
  • Unique, never seen before, localStorage Widgets (Jarvis Widget 2.0) with custom controls for the users (now includes a robust API)
  • 6 Level responsive navigation
  • Scales to almost any size (Fluid/Responsive/Boxed and Container)
  • Two different navigation options (horizontal or vertical - no DOM changes required to switch between the two)
  • CSS3 Animated
  • Modern Form Elements (jQuery select2, colorpicker, datepicker, validation, iDevice buttons and wizard)
  • Professional Design and Branding (includes matching email templates [non-Bootstrap], and a static landing page)
  • Unique menu API that can be collapsed, or hidden (show on hover). Menu also adapts on mobile phones very swiftly.
  • Unique Google Map Skins (7 in total)
  • Professional looking Theme Skins (6 in total)
  • RTL support
  • Colorblind Friendly CSS (this is experimental)
  • Google like Gallery with data-attribute descriptions
  • Smart Alert and Smart Notification with sound
  • Dynamic Data Table with export to PDF/Excel
  • Smart Form elements (built on top of bootstrap library for robust form development)
  • AJAX pages (pages are pulled in and scripts are loaded on request per page)
  • Includes an impressionistic landing page
  • Also contains a Clean HTML version, Advanced PHP version, ASP.NET MVC5 version, and AngularJS version with Gulp Tasks
  • Detailed Documentation
  • To learn more about each of our versions please head over to version information page
  • There are tons more features that are just waiting to be discovered...

4. SB Admin Angular - bootstrap

Angular JS Dashboard Theme

  • Responsive Design: Looks good on all devices.
  • Web App (Single Page Application) : Never refresh the page once the app has loaded.
  • Lazy Loading: Lazy loading is added using ocLazyLoad therefore loading only required files for a particular request.
  • Grunt: Files are built using Grunt making it lighter and faster.
  • Reactive Charts: Angular-chart is used , which gives responsive and reactive charts to work with.

5. Maverix tempalte angularjs bootstap


Maverix is a maccish bootstrap theme and application boilerplate. It gives your web-apps a native look and feel and bundles AngularJS and other components such as jQuery, Flot and rangeslider.js

  • Closest possible to native All controls and Elements are carefully designed to perfectly fit into the native mac environment.
  • Non responsive: Desktop Apps don’t need to run on thousands of different devices and viewports. You are the master of setting a minimum-viewport and the app won’t get smaller than this. If you are using Maverix Theme in a traditional web-app it is also okay for Admin Backends that don’t need responsive layout.
  • Built on Bootstrap and Less: Twitters Bootstrap comes bundled with tons of useful styles and add ons and allows beginners and masters to get started quickly (grid positioning, etc.). The maverix styles are enhancing bootstrap and are written in less.css
  • Webkit first: Maverix Theme is primarily made to enable app container based web-apps to look like native OS X Apps. So webkit is the primary engine when releasing new components. However this doesn’t mean that other browsers are totally unsupported. Maverix Theme is tested on Safari, Firefox and Chrome on OS X.
  • Bundled with AngularJS: AngularJS is one of the best Javascript App Frameworks available today and so Maverix Theme comes bundled with AngularJS including fully working routing to get you started fast. Anyways, AngularJS usage is optional.

6. Ani Theme - Free AngularJS Theme


7. mPurpose - free responsive angular template

It is a responsive, sleek, clean and minimal HTML/CSS template (Twitter Bootstrap 3). It contains a huge variety of components and more that 30 sample pages so could be used for almost any type of website.


                                  Download it=>> free angularjs template


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