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Angular dialog example

In this post I'll explain how to create Angular dialog based on Angular Material. We'll work on 4 type of dialog.
  • Alert Dialog.
  • Confirm Dialog.
  • Tab Dialog.
  • Custom Dialog.

Angularjs bootstrap tabs example

Based on Angular material  I make a example for Angular Tabs with responsive

Angular material define <md-tabs><md-tabs> for tabs container,
<md-tab>...</md-tab> for Tab.
Angular Tabs
Angular Tabs image
Full html struct example as following:

Top Premium angular templates

Top rate premium angular templates

You may need others

1. Maverick

Responsive Admin with AngularJS template - Maverick

Responsive admin template with angularjs

  • Responsive Design
  • Fast Single Page Application built with AngularJS
  • Bower packages for front-end dependency management
  • Grunt for hassle-free deployment
  • Layered PSD file
  • Advanced panel controls built with AngularJS
  • Programmable menu system with search functionality
  • Customizable animations and page transitions
  • Detailed documentation with code snippets
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2. Triangular

Material Design Admin Template AngularJS

 Angularjs template

  • Complient with the Material Design Specification
  • Powered by AngularJS 1.4
  • 50+ Example Pages
  • Unlimited Menu Levels
  • 5 Star Support
  • 700+ Material Design Icons
  • 500+ Font Awesome Icons
  • Uses SASS Stylesheets
  • Automatic Breadcrumb Headings (based on menu heirachy)
  • ESlint & ESlint AngularJS plugin checks built in
  • AngularJS Speed profiler
  • Uses ARIA attributes that convey information about the application for users of assistive technologies.
  • Free update

>>Read more

Angularjs listbox with checkbox

Angularjs listbox with checkbox example

Base on AngularJs Material I create a example for Angularjs listbox with checkbox as following image

How to do it?

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