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AngularJs button material example.

AngularJs button material example.

Based on mdButton API Documentation <md-button> is a button directive with optional ink ripples (default enabled).

In this post I will make a example for:
  • Flat button
  • Raised button
  • FAB button 
  • Button with link
  • Button Themed
AngularJs Button example

Angularjs routing mvc example

In this article I try to make a simple example about how to apply angularjs routing for mvc application. After this you can know how to use angularjs routing and angularjs routing for MVC. Beside that you can know how to rout with parameter, how to use ng-view.
  • Add MVC application
  • Reference angularjs to MVC application
  • Add angularjs router and angularjs controller
  • Modify _Layout.cshtml and some mvc view to use angularjs.
  • Run and see result

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